Steve Akehurst in Upchurch bags £1000 after 2 people didn't pick up

Jul 26, 2019, 05:23 PM
Another Kent winner has won kmfm's '£1k Question' competition.

Steve Akehurst from Upchurch was the lucky randomly chosen listener who correctly answered the question and presenter Rob Wills made the surprise call to him.

2 other kmfm listeners missed the call before Steve received his lucky call back.

July's question was:

Which one of these names is associated with a BAY in Kent?

A) Jemma
B) Josie
C) Joss
D) Jasmine
Steve was the third entrant chosen at random after a previous two didn't answer their phone.Hear the moment Steve received the call. He plans to spoil his 2 year old daughter, Amber with some of his winning money with Pepper Pig goodies.

kmfm's £1k Question will return next month.

Listen to kmfm here

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