Adrian Juste - Radio presenter at Radio 1, BRMB and Radio Leicester

Episode 87,   Jul 27, 2019, 08:34 PM

He was the shoe salesman from Leicester who became the first presenter to graduate to Radio 1 – before falling out of the station in the 90s shake-up.

In his hour of 'Radio Moments - Conversations, Adrian Juste opens up about his love of the 60s pirate stations which prompted his early work at young BBC Radio Leicester – and then on to BRMB where he didn’t really get on with management - or his breakfast show. He talks about jobbing for Radio 1 producing trails from his home studio; and the call from Derek Chinnery which led to his regular programmes on the Network where he was to interpret the Jack Jackson comedy format for the modern age. Adrian talks about his distinctive voice work – and speaks candidly about his feelings about his own fate, and others’, as Radio 1 was being adjusted abruptly in the 90s – and life since.

In his own words – this is the Adrian Juste story.

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