Gabriela Hearst

Aug 01, 2019, 06:00 AM
Designer and philanthropist Gabriela Hearst is paving the way to a sustainable future for luxury fashion. Mariella meets the woman behind the eponymous label that's captured hearts with its steadfast ethics and quiet elegance. 

"Sustainability is luxury — it shouldn't be two competing concepts." 

Having grown up herding cattle on the family ranch in Uruguay, Gabriela Hearst's childhood was far from conventional — much like her approach to the business of fashion. Her focus on sustainability speaks to a 'buy less, wear more' mentality, creating pieces you'll love for life and never need to replace. Hearst's luxury is one of integrity and subtlety, from ranch-reared wool and recycled cashmere to anti-radiation pocket linings. But it's her eye for design that brings in the style set, with her cult Nina bag attracting a lengthy waitlist since being spotted on the arm of many an A-lister. 

"My sense of luxury is this well-crafted, beautiful product that can last. It's made with integrity and noble materials."