Falling Life Expectancy, rising infant mortality, Britain in 2019

Aug 06, 2019, 07:39 AM

In England and Wales infant mortality per 1000 births rose from 3.6 in 2014 to 3.7 in 2015, 3.8 in 2016, and then up significantly again to 3.9 in 2017. As yet we have no data for 2018. Nowhere else in Europe are the mortality rates of babies rising like this. Independently of infant mortality, mostly due to people dying earlier in old age, life expectancy in the UK peaked in 2014 and then fell for both men and women, again this is unique across all of Europe. By 2019 it became obvious that this was no "blip". It has far-reaching social and economic implications across all of the UK.

Danny Dorling's Keynote Speech: Manchester International festival of Public Health, University of Manchester, July 18th 2019.