The Brexiters’ War on Objective Reality

Aug 16, 2019, 03:00 AM

While the Vote Leave government strains every sinew to make No Deal seem inevitable, our panel are bursting with reasons to be optimistic. Remain MPs are on the move, the Parliamentary timetable is up for grabs and – as Alex Andreou says – the Leavers’ blustering absolutism shows their weakness, not their strength.

This week: Why Dominic Cummings is putting out information chaff to create the impression of activity. Which good Remainy cause are YOU going to donate your shiny Brexit 50p to? Would Paddington Bear be rejected for Settled Status? Why are the Brexiters placing their faith in the WTO and Trump just as Trump is trying to neuter the WTO itself? And your autumn timetable of what (not) to worry about. 

“This Government is exactly like Brexit Twitter. And it behaves like Brexit Twitter.”

Produced and presented by Andrew Harrison with Alex Andreou, Naomi Smith and Ian Dunt. Audio production by Elsie Bath at Soho Radio, London. Remainiacs is a Podmasters production.

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