Taking the unconventional route

Episode 102,   Aug 15, 2019, 10:10 AM

LIVE COOK OFF. What did Jermaine have for his tea tonight? Listen in to hear the 'Paperback Chef' cook up his dinner. Speaking of chefs..British Athletics Chef de Maison needs to take some lessons- we discuss their failure to enter the correct Men's 4 X 400m team at the European Cup.

We discuss trail running news- the results of Sierre Zinal throwing up a few questions. The lack of in and out of competition drug testing is a real concern..

We discuss unconventional approaches. Do you stick to traditional training schemes? We also want your questions for forthcoming interviews and questions for Jermaine and Shaun. Hit up the WhatsApp line on +31 6 17116121 and we will listen to them live on air.

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