Mistress Cyan Paul Faust and Isqui Faust

Episode 72,  Aug 17, 2019, 06:59 AM

Mistress Cyan and Paul and Isqui Faust joined Mark for a chat about all things kink and BDSM and their upcoming club Torture Garden

Cyan talked about being one of the most respected doms in LA, how her space Sanctuary LAX became the home and training ground for doms and subs, the glory days of clubbing in the 90s and 2000s, really broke down what it's like to exert psychological and physical power over someone and being the only gathering at LA Pride Parade to have full frontal nudity and how that went over

Paul talked about discovering the BDSM scene in England where he was a musician, how his travels took him to LA where he met the lovely Isqui. They talked about getting married in a castle and due to Mark's prodding, talked a little about being switches and what they like. They discussed Torture Garden clubs being notorious all over the world and the event that will be making it's debut in Hollywood and the worldwide talent that will be on display as well as the debauchery that will be on display in Cyan's dungeon.

Cyan also tells the most unusual fetishes she has ever come across....one will make you laugh...one will make you cringe...they may both arouse you as well.