Lynn Parsons - Presenter, BBC Radio 1 and 2, Virgin, Magic, Jazz

Episode 90,   Aug 18, 2019, 09:27 AM

She was the reluctant shorthand typist who never sought a role in front of the camera or microphone – but was to be invited to play a role in some of the UK’s biggest stations.  

In this hour of ‘Radio Moments Conversations’, Lynn Parsons tells of her crazy childhood home and the early jobs which offered insight into a media world. She shares how her technical curiosity led to appointment as a camera operator, a job she loved – and a role in the launch of TV AM.

Her radio love started in hospital radio and some subsequent work at County Sound, but she tells of how the job at her beloved Capital was simply the result of a bet. Radio 1 beckoned and she shares tales of those she worked with and what life was really like on the famous Roadshow. She opens up too about life at Radio 2 and, back in commercial radio, she relates fond tales of life at Virgin, Jazz and Smooth - and now Magic.

Lynn tells of the people she has interviewed, her love of late-night radio, and of her gratitude for the life radio has given her.

In her own words, this is the Lynn Parsons story.

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