Mel Reid: The Experiment, Tragedy, Solheim and Coming Out

Aug 27, 2019, 12:00 AM
The last in the series of the Round Golf Podcast and a great way to bring it to a conclusion, with a golfer who has a fascinating story. When you go through the career of Mel Reid you realise that for a player still only in her early thirties, she has gone through a lifetime of experiences.

This interview reveals what she made of the Clive Woodward experiment and the high expectations she felt on turning pro. She speaks candidly about the car crash that so affected her life, and why she is only just coming to terms with losing her mother in such tragic circumstances. Reid gives her thoughts on what it means to play in the Solheim Cup and why missing out will hurt. There’s her opinions on where golf stands with regards to gender equality in sport. And why now was the time she decided to take the leap to live in the United States and to come out publicly and say she was gay.

And the culmination of all that change led to the round, this summer, where she achieved her best finish in a major championship... so far. Because if the last decade of Mel’s life and career are anything to go by, there is plenty still to come.