Ep. 35 Whyverine

Season 2, Episode 18,   Aug 22, 2019, 07:00 AM

The Sots discuss the inarguable appeal of Wolverine. On the page or on the screen he has a huge fanbase. Why? News of the film, cartoon, and sequel varieties. Plus, #AaronHasntSeen a new Horror classic!

Sotskers, what a week. We're addressing the topic of Wolverine. Why is he our favorite X-Men character, and many people's favorite Marvel character? Can you make a good X-Men movie without him?
In Movie News we got some crazy breakup drama with former baes Disney and Sony. Some cartoon news has one Sotsker very excited, and some sequel news has us all going, "Huh?" Plus, in #AaronHasntSeen we see if Aaron has seen the Horror movie, SO ICONIC, that we dare not mention it's name here! You'll just have to listen!