We Loathe You 3000

Aug 22, 06:30 AM

What's Up Pizzas?! This week the VGB Crew is talking all about the controversy you've probably seen all over the internet on Marvel *snapping* Spider-Man and Sony out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe... We also talk about some new gameplay footage released for Square Enix's Avengers Game, Ninja's new book, and some DLC announcements for Dead by Daylight and Mortal Kombat 11.


Topics include: Sacramento, Gaming, Esports, Podcast, Marvel, Sony, Spider-Man, Tom Holland, MCU, Insomniac, Avengers, Ninja, Get Good, Mortal Kombat 11, Nintendo Switch, Dead By Daylight, Stranger Things, Far From home, Overwatch LEague, San Francisco Shock, Subnation, WestwoodOne, Podcastpalooza, SVCC, Cory Vincent, David Webb, NexusWasHere, Oblivion Comics and Coffee