Tales From The Garage Pt 3 (Graphic Content) (Viewer Discretion Advised)

Aug 22, 2019, 08:42 PM
Alright, so your favorite bois from the average podcast had that same itch again... I think it's about time we go to visit a doctor about this. We did another deep dive into the mystical river that is Reddit. We picked out some creepy/scary stories that caught our eyes and we read them to you guys. I guess you can call it storytime.

As always feel free to reach out tell us what you love and what you hate we welcome the tips and criticism.

We would like to also extend a big thank you to Darren Curtis who allowed us to use one his tracks on our laters pod.

Hello! My name is Darren Curtis and I am a self-taught composer. I've created a lot of free audio content for people to use commercially. You can check it out and download it free here: https://www.darrencurtismusic.com/

For contact regarding work, projects, etc. e-mail me here: DesperateMeasurez@yahoo.com

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