The vaporetto mind-cleaner

Aug 23, 2019, 03:24 PM
Vaporetto ride in Chioggia reimagined by Cities and Memory.

Riding a vaporetto can be a surprisingly intense experience - at full power, standing on the exposed rear of the boat, the engines absolutely roar, drowning out everything else you can hear. After a relatively long stretch with the engines on full, when they cut to half or zero power, it's as if the entire soundscape has cleared, and your mind feels fresh and newly-alert to the sounds around it that have now been revealed. You can hear again!

This reimagined piece is an exaggerated version of a vaporetto journey - the thrum of the engines has been manipulated into an intense low-end battering, absolutely brutal, and when the engines cut to low power, the light synth lines that start to play represent this "cleaning" of your hearing - a wonderful experience.