Lucy Moss: Co-creator of Six The Musical

Sep 05, 2019, 01:00 AM

Lucy Moss co-created the smash hit musicals Six and Hot Gay Time Machine with creative partner Toby Marlow.

In the last episode of Season One, Alice talks musical theatre and diva worship with Lucy Moss. Along with her creative partner Toby Marlow, Lucy is responsible for the musical Six - a runaway hit at Edinburgh, in the West End, and soon, Broadway. Six brings Henry VIII’s wives to the stage as a kickass girlband and lets them set the historical record straight. (It’s amazing.)

The pair’s other project, Hot Gay Time Machine, which they wrote with friend and collaborator Zak Ghazi-Torbati, tells the story of a gay man’s life through song and multiple costume changes. Like Six, Hot Gay Time Machine triumphed at the Edinburgh Fringe. It has won the Eddies Award, the Brighton Fringe Award for Excellence, and the Brighton Fringe’s LGBTQ+ Award. 

We talked about what Lucy and Toby each bring to creating their hit shows, what makes their relationship so fruitful, and the relationship between gay men and the queens they worship.

I tried to get Lucy to tell me what they’re working on next but she was tight-lipped...

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