Trauma Reporting - a new book from Jo Healey

Sep 05, 12:31 PM
For a journalist, speaking to people who’ve been affected by personal tragedy is part of life. It’s your job to get insight from someone who’s been bereaved, shocked, injured or is hurting.

A new book called Trauma Reporting - A journalist's guide to covering sensitive stories -  offers an invaluable perspective – from several of those who’ve been at the other end of the microphone and camera in the midst of those awful times. How do they feel about how they were treated by reporters. 

The book’s been written by senior BBC broadcast news journalist – and BBC Academy trainer in trauma journalism - Jo Healey, who also spoke to journalists about their own experiences.

In this RadioMoments techniques special, Jo told me more about what she’d found out.

Trauma Reporting by Jo Healey is published by Routledge.