The Issue Is: Joe Walsh, Carlos Mencia, Jessica Yellin, Elisha Krauss - September 6, 2019

Sep 07, 06:03 AM
Joe Walsh is a Republican challenging President Donald Trump for the Republican Party presidential nomination.
"I genuinely believe Donald Trump is a bad guy. I think he's a danger to this country & unfit to be President."
He's fighting back against states that are considering cancelling their Republican primaries. 
"Eliminating elections. You can't get more undemocratic than that!" 
Walsh talks to Elex Michaelson about his strategy for victory, his positions of agreement & disagreement with President Trump & he plays our "personal issues" game. 
Then, our panel: journalist Jessica Yellin, conservative commentator Elisha Krauss and comedian Carlos Mencia. 
They discuss the future of the GOP & Democratic parties, gun control, and more. 
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