Harley Wallen Kaiti Wallen and Vida Ghaffari

Sep 09, 2019, 06:30 AM
Mark and Hannah return and try to crack the Eternal Code with writer/director/actor Harley Wallen and actresses Kaiti Wallen and Vida Ghaffari
Harley talked about his Swedish upbringing which made him an undefeated MMA fighter and 5 time black belt in Judo. He also broke into show business as a break-dancer (though he admits that he can't do MC Hammer moves) which put him on Swedish TV. Since then he has become a versatile and prolific writer/director working with such notable actors as Tom Sizemore (wait until you hear how he cast him) Tara Reed, John Savage, Corbin Bernson as well as Richard Tyson, Scout Taylor-Compton and Billy Wirth who star in his new action/sci-fi thriller Eternal Code which is inspired by brain transplants which are currently being experimented on.
Kaiti is Harley's wife and partner and plays a good hearted working girl in Eternal Code. She started modelling in her native Michigan and tells the story about how she met Harley in a nightclub and felt his energy. They co starred in the movie Betrayed where he kidnaps her, which led to Mark speculating about their affinity for role playing. She is in charge of casting their movies and talks about the process and how they cast their daughter to say a memorable line to Tara Reed during their movie Bennett's Song.
Vida gets to follow in her famous father's footsteps and play a scientist in Eternal Code, though this role is a bit of a departure from the good girl roles she normally gets cast in. She gets to kiss Richard Tyson, who she knew from movies when she was a teen. She talked about being typecast and only going up for roles in burkas for the longest time, but that time is no more as she is super busy. Just this year she has starred in Meathook Massacre The Final Chapter, Robowoman, and LA Shark Attack. She also had many admirers at the Q&A at the premiere of the movie which of course got noticed and commented on by Mark.