The Good The Bad The Dumb - 09/09/2019

Sep 09, 02:14 PM
  • Good
    • Emotional athletes...
      • #NFL - #VernonDavis, grandfather who raised him passed away on Saturday, immediately broke down after hurdling a guy for the touchdown
      • #MLB - #Nationals' pitcher Aaron Barrett becomes emotional after pitching a scoreless inning, which included a three pitch strikeout of Ronald Acuna Jr...his first action in 4 years after multiple arm surgeries, including Tommy John
  • Bad
    • Al Michaels just laughing at the #Steelers last night/all-time call by the referee on a Steelers false start.
  • Dumb
    • #Sixers forward #MikeScott and #Eagles fan...Scott took to social media to let everyone know that he was showing up to the game in a #Redskins jersey, was warned that this would be a bad look, and then preceded to get into fights with Eagles fan.