Do Metrics Undermine Strategy? Depends on What and Where You Measure!

Sep 17, 2019, 09:00 AM
Metrics in a favorite question from listeners. How and who to measure. Harvard Business Review has a proposal this month Sept 2019. WE think they fell in many traps and work to help you examine how strategy and metrics go together, and how markets dictate more.

Business Second Opinion Podcast digs deep to answer questions about business and business practice, you may not know you need to ask. But we believe you should be asking for the benefit of your understanding and your businesses ethics and practice. In the process of answering them, we give you a second opinion, usually a contrarian opinion, but that is well tested and proven to give the outcomes you really want without the side effects. 

In today’s show, we examined:
This episode is the first of two on the debate, even the war between the idea of hierarchies as the best way to manage people-or not; for the business for the people being managed. We examine and debunk three myths in these two episodes.

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