Nouvelle Vague saga Shock of the Future, The Loudest Voice, and BBC's The Capture

Episode 168,   Sep 14, 2019, 12:00 PM

This week we have special guests Miranda Sawyer - author of Out of Time, she writes for the Observer, appears on Radio 4 and much much more – plus ex-Word magazine writer and Bob Dylan boffin James Medd to discuss the pop culture issues of the day.

PALE AILES: Will Sky's The Loudest Voice plump Succession as the latest Citizen-Kane-for-our-times? Starring Russell Crowe as Fox News founder Roger Ailes and Sienna Miller as his wife, this aims to lift the lid on the controversial figure pre Fake News and #MeToo. But do heavy prosthetics simply... get in the way of a good story?

BOOM-CHAQUE: New French movie Shock of the Future stars Alma Jodorowsky as proto-electronica pioneer Ana, a frustrated jingle-writer intent on making her own way in the music business. Huge racks of 1970s audio equipment! The Roland CR-78! Loads of cigs! What's not to like?

AINT NO MOUNT HIGH ENOUGH: Metronomy Forever is the new album from indie emo dance-crew Metronomy - hence the name. On the heels of the Hot Chip album, are we expecting more sad dad bangers from head honcho Joe Mount? This album has 17 tracks. 17!

CAM SLAM: The Capture is the BBC's new hot crime drama. Yes. Starring Holliday Grainger and Callum Turner, we enter a world where CCTV is King - but is it a reliable witness or is someone manipulating the live streams? And why are there so many posh people in it? Tune in and find out.

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