Factory Records exhibition, 2 Tone at 40, Ad Astra and the worst Netflix show ever

Episode 169,   Sep 21, 2019, 04:30 AM

This week Mojo mag news editor IAN HARRISON and Empire/ScreenWords/Jewish Chronicle film writer LINDA MARRIC join us to feel the bumps on the skull of pop culture. On the agenda… 

CRISPY AMBULANCE CHASERS: Early Factory Records relics go on show in London as the Chelsea Space’s Use Hearing Protection exhibition displays the artefacts bestowed with the first 50 FAC numbers. What set Tony Wilson’s empire apart from the post-punk pack?  

RUDE AWAKENINGS: It’s 40 years since the dawn of 2 Tone and celebrations are afoot. What were the best of the rankin’, skankin’ Midlands Motown’s output and can Ian still draw a Walt Jabsco on his schoolbook?

ONE GIANT STEP FOR BRAD: Does spaceborne dad-and-lad intriguefest Ad Astra confirm Brad Pitt as the modern James Coburn?

POLLUTING THE STREAMS: Why on earth did Netflix greenlight the putrid Lost-with-millennials miniseries The I-Land and how much more of this crap can we expect as the streaming wars escalate?

Produced and presented by Andrew Harrison and Siân Pattenden. Audio production by Sophie Black. Bigmouth is a Podmasters production. 

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