Episode 3 | Penetration Free Week

Sep 23, 2019, 01:21 PM

On Episode 3 Lynne and Lisa speak to Only Fans model Sage MacDonald as they find out about the app which has changed the adult entertainment industry.

This one is for the fans only, as Lynne and Lisa speak about Only Fans with model Sage MacDonald.

Find out how 'Only Fans has revolutionised the world of adult entertainment, as Sage lets us know how much you can expect to make, gives us a few secrets of the trade and tell us what lead to her getting her bum out at Aldi!

Plus why mother-in-laws can kill passion on the 'Funny thing about sex', why Lisa has had penetration free week and hamster racing!

It's a threesome, as we hit Episode 3 so make sure you download and review.