Podcast Special: Scotland and Northern Ireland's Economic Disruptors

Sep 23, 2019, 03:27 PM
Martin Vander Weyer, our Business Editor, speaks to three leading businesspeople for Scotland and Northern Ireland about the Economic Disruptor finalists in this region. Tune in to find out more about underwater wifi, a digital 3D map of the entire world, and more.


Human progress has depended on economic disruptors since long before the advent of the internet. Motor cars remained rare luxuries until a disruptor called Henry Ford perfected the Model T assembly line. Today’s online auction, home-stay, ride-share and crowdfunding sites have generated markets and money flows that barely existed before, to the great benefit of providers and consumers. Today’s manufacturing methods — from 3D printing to advanced bioscience — have dramatically reduced the time and capital required to produce vital products.

So, who are the companies that are rewriting the rules in 2019? Following the success of last year's inaugural Economic Disruptor of the Year Awards, The Spectator and Julius Baer has come together again to celebrate creative entrepreneurship across the UK.