The Plant-Based Product Chew & Tell Episode

Episode 71,  Sep 27, 2019, 10:00 AM

Plant-based products are everywhere, and the category is continuing to grow MASSIVELY! Lucky for you, Hungry Girl is here with over a dozen hand-picked plant-based products that we know you’ll LOVE! In this episode, Lisa and the gang are trying only HG-APPROVED products like meat-free sausages and burgers, veggie-based deli slices, sorbet, taco filling, ranch dip, cheese, and SO MUCH MORE! Plus a brand-new product from our friends at Green Giant that you'll be running to the store to buy! So toss that chicken breast back in the freezer and get ready to discover some tasty vegan-friendly products that even hardcore carnivores will FLIP OVER! And head over to our Foodcast page for all the products mentioned in this episode!