Mod weekend on Sky, Temples, State Of The Union

Episode 170,   Sep 28, 2019, 04:00 AM

We’re joined by Guardian telly and podcasts queen HANNAH VERDIER and Telegraph/Guardian TV writer MICHAEL HOGAN to read the tea leaves of pop culture. On the agenda… 

FROM A VESPA TO A SCREAM: What it is with men and mod? Sky Arts’s Mod Weekend opens a window into the world of Weller worshippers and digs into the history of the thin-lapelled cult that won’t die. Is the world ready for Bradley Wiggins on Mod?

OUT OF PSYCH, OUT OF MIND: Cosmic inner-spacemen of Kettering Temples return with their third album Hot Motion. Will the panel turn on, tune in or drop out? 

DECREE NASTY: Does Nick Hornby’s bite-sized marital counselling comedy State Of The Union (now on BBC2 and iPlayer) convince us that Rosamund Pike and Chris O’Dowd could really be a couple? Is it funny? And what’s with the outrageous anti-middle-aged-music-journalism propaganda?

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