'Disaster' Doha World Championships, social media trolls and doping

Sep 30, 05:00 AM
Alasdair Hooper and Will Moulton are joined by journalists Julia Cook and Ollie Godden for SportSpiel's September discussion episode.

On this edition of the show the panel go through the biggest headlines and pick apart the most important questions. 

In part one (6:07) it's all about the IAAF World Championships and whether Doha - the capital of Qatar - is a suitable venue after horrible scenes during the women's marathon. 

With attendances far from full, it raises doubts as to why the event is being held in the city at all. 

In part two (21:08) the panel look at social media and body shaming after runner Eilish McColgan recently called out the trolls on her own account. 

Finally, in part three (37:09), the four look at the cloud that is doping after the latest twist involving the Russian Anti Doping Agency


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