The Case of Shannon Hall with Colleen Stine

Sep 30, 2019, 05:01 PM
On July 27th, 2014 David Hall And his two sons Ten-year-old Connor and wight-year-old Danny, were out for some farther son time. This happened more often because David and his Ex-wife Shannon a second-grade teacher in Fishers Indiana had just finalized their divorce. That night as David was dropping his sons off at the home on Somerset way in Carmel. The same home Shannon grew up. The same home where the Halls boys were living with their mom and grandparents temporarily during the divorce… David walked in asked to use the bathroom and when he came out and he pointed a gun at Shannon right in front of his children. Just before he pulled the trigger the boys screamed “No, dad, no”. He then shot and killed Shannon hall, then turned the gun on himself, Danny and Rita O’Malia, Shannon’s parents, could only watch in horror as they witnessed the scene unfold, Rita ran the boys to a neighbor’s house as they called the police. To this day the family still wonders what was going through David’s mind as he was in that bathroom. Was he so depressed or mentally ill that there was no turning back from what he had decided.

Now more than 5 years later Connor and Danny live with their Aunt and uncle and 3 cousins, in central Indiana. Colleen Stein Shannon’s younger sister was in Saint louis Missouri the night Shannon was murdered. The stein family moved home soon after to help. She has since started a company called ever kind which sells t-shirts with inspirational messages.

On this episode I speak with Colleen about what she has learned from this terrible situation and her perception of her brother in law David. What she believes happened and why she thinks he did it.