Vineet Bhatia

Oct 03, 2019, 06:00 AM
Almost single-handedly revolutionising the Indian food scene in Britain, Vineet Bhatia is one of the most esteemed chefs of our time. Listen as Mariella meets the man who brought chocolate samosas to Harrods. 

“I cook from my heart and I cook from my mind. That’s the way I put food down.”

After arriving in London in 1993, Vineet Bhatia set out on a mission to transform Indian cuisine in the UK. Eight years later, he became the first Indian chef-proprietor to be awarded the industry's highest accolade — a Michelin star. Spearheading a cuisine that combines the authentic food of his mother country with modern, innovative twists, Bhatia joined the Harrods family in 2019 with a new restaurant in The Dining Hall — Kama by Vineet. Come for the signature thali, stay for the chocomosas.