Oct 05, 06:30 AM

What's Up Pizza's!? Cory is back from Italy and the Overwatch League season has come to a close so it's time to talk about all things OVERWATCH! Cory and David invite Overwatch superfans Kyle Wynn and Bad Kitty Cosplay to the studio to talk about the Grand Finals, Season 2, the state of tier two, BlizzCon, and a WHOLE LOT MORE!


Topics Include: Gaming, Video Games, Sacramento, SF Shock, San Francisco, OWL2019, Overwatch League, Blizzard, Sinatraa, Super, Rascal, Striker, LA Gladiators, Washington Justice, Shanghai Dragons, Seoul Dynasty, NRG, Meta, Sigma, Comp, Cory Vincent, David Webb, Kyle Wynn, Badkitty, Bad Kitty Cosplay