TWIN PETES INVESTING: "How to get very rich slowly" Part 1

Oct 07, 2019, 11:11 PM
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In Part 1 of this twelfth podcast the topics discussed include:

How to get very rich slowly;
BooHoo #BOO;
Astra Zeneca #AZN;
Imperial Brands #IMB;
British American Tobacco #BATS;
Royal Dutch Shell #RDSA;
Burford Capital #BUR;
Ixico #IXI;
Metro Bank #MTRO;
Thomas Cook #TCG;
IG Group #IGG;
Profit warnings
Sirius Minerals #SXX;
Andrew Sykes #ASY;
Pearson #PSON;
General Markets;
Fast fashion;
Hydrodec #HYR;
Marks & Spencer #MKS;
Poor Management;
Portfolio performance;
Risks of listening to or following the herd;
& much more

This episode ends after 33 minutes & 55 seconds. Part 2 will be follow shortly.

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