Oct 10, 2019, 06:00 AM
In episode six, Mariella meets the palmer//harding duo credited for reinventing the classic shirt — listen in as they trace their success back to the humble beginnings of Harding's childhood bedroom. 

“We always said that we didn’t want to build a business if we couldn’t build it in the right way and treat people right.”

Today, affectionately known as "the shirt boys", Central Saint Martin graduates Levi Palmer and Matthew Harding were working out of Harding's childhood bedroom when they launched their ready-to-wear label. Seven years on, and the appeal of palmer//harding's power shirts has reached the likes of Michelle Obama — the new uniform of accomplished women the world over. With a perfect balance of structure and fluidity, a forward-thinking aesthetic and an inclusive size range, the duo has become the ultimate gatekeepers of the staple shirt.