"Peter's Proffer" Podcast "Probation" 10-8-19

Oct 08, 07:09 PM
"Peter's Proffer" Podcast with Clearwater Attorney Peter Tragos "Probation"

The experienced lawyers at Tragos, Sartes & Tragos discuss common legal questions, provide some insight into the legal process, and cover current events as they relate to the legal field.  httpos:tragoslaw.com
IPeter TragosIn this week’s episode, Florida criminal lawyers at Tragos Law answer frequently asked questions about probation, including: What is probation? What’s the difference between probation and parole? What does probation entail? What happens if you violate probation? Tune in to learn all about community supervision.  #tragoslaw #radiostpete #radiostpete.com https://tragoslaw.com