What Have We Learned So Far About US Oncology Biosimilars?

Season 2, Episode 21,  Oct 13, 2019, 05:00 AM

Among the biggest biosimilars news of this year was the launch of the first 2 anticancer biosimilars; stakeholders have been eager to see whether these products can jumpstart what has been described by some as a sluggish US market for biosimilar products. This week on the podcast, we're speaking with an expert who's sharing her insight into these developments in the oncology space.

Christina Corridon, MPH, MBA, is a principal at the professional services firm ZS Associates, where she is a leader in ZS' oncology practice and leads their biosimilars vertical. Christina joined us to talk about the state of play in the US biosimilars market, what we can learn from ongoing experience, and how sustainable the US market for biosimilars may be today.