Episode 2.11: Session with a Listener – Lawyers in Love

Season 2, Episode 11,   Oct 09, 2019, 04:00 PM

We finally have our first episode with a loyal listener! Kathleen is an attorney who wanted to talk with Dr. JKB about The 8 Stages of Life, Episode 2.5. She wondered if she has missed out on the Sixth Stage and wants to know how to fix her love life. 

This episode is the culmination of the mission of The Psychonaut Show; we get to talk about the concepts from the history of psychoanalysis with a real person dealing with everyday life in 2019.  

Kathleen challenges me and gets me to think about these ideas more deeply. Together, we both learn about love, life and relationships with others, and, most importantly, with ourselves.
(A Note on Sound – When Kathleen showed up, we decided to record outside the studio. Big thanks to Julio Gonzalez, our producer and sound designer, for taking terrible acoustics and making them listenable. We are learning! The next time one of you wants to be featured in an episode, the sound quality will be great! )