The Cam & Danes Catch-Up Podcast: Tuesday 15/10/19

Oct 15, 2019, 01:40 AM
Cam and Danes make breakfast so cool that now everyone is doing it. Warning: Side effects of listening to Cam and Danes may include mind-broadening, fits of uncontrollable laughter and the urge to drop it like it’s hot.   

100% of experts recommend waking up with Cam and Danes. Tune in from 7-9am weekdays for your morning shot of radio.   

Today we launched NEXT's first road trip, dived into the pill testing saga and as promised, Danes had a surprise for Cam to make him a better environmentalist. 

  • Pill Testing; it gets the tick of approval from the NSW Coroner.  
  • A model losing her cool after a terrible haircut. 
  • Brexit is compared to an overbearing mother.  
  • It’s time to pack your bags for our show road trip. 
  • What’s your go-to road trip tune? 
  • A snake on the loose in Western Sydney? WTF! 
  • Cam and Danes get pets (no animals were harmed in the making of this podcast) 
  • Find out what two of the world’s biggest musicians have been up to. 
  • Our news specialist Natal gets stuck into the Kardashians. 
  • Find out what beer and comedy have in common with Ivan Aristeguieta. 
  • Danes gives Cam a beautiful gift.