Mille, Greg and Lettsy Catch-Up Podcast: Wednesday 16/10/19

Oct 16, 07:46 AM
Today on Millie, Greg and Lettsy:
  • The team takes on a life-sized Pac-Man maze
  • Lettsy got mistaken for a celeb
  • A woman had a cockroach pulled from her ear
  • Greg and Producer Brook infiltrate the competition
  • 60 stick notes stuck on a face in a minute
  • Cinemas with playgrounds
  • Millie lost a friend's dog and flooded the bathroom at the same time whilst she was housesitting

Plus, delve into the Logan files, and Greg and Millie go head-to-head in a game of luck for Beauty And The Brain.

Tune in 3pm to 5:30pm on NEXT.