Bestseller CATHY KELLY with Corinna McShane on her new novel, strong women, self-doubt & being a UNICEF Ambassador

Oct 18, 2019, 01:05 PM

Cathy talks to Corinna about her 20th novel The Family Gift and explains why her books always have strong female characters at their heart. Despite being a renowned bestselling author, Cathy speaks candidly about her own self-doubt and how “we read to know we’re not alone, that other people have felt pain and suffering.”

Cathy explains why she is so passionate about her role as a UNICEF Ireland Ambassador and some of the heart breaking experiences she has had visiting a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan and women & children with HIV in Mozambique.

‘The Family Gift’ is a warm and wise story about how it is never too late to find your place in the world. The perfect cosy autumn read.

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