Football racism, mental health in sport and multi-talented athletes

Oct 20, 2019, 07:09 PM

Alasdair Hooper and Will Moulton present SportSpiel's October discussion episode. 

On this edition of the show they go through the biggest headlines and pick apart the most important questions in the news.

In part one (6:31) the pair look at racism and football fandom after several high-profile incidents of racial abuse both abroad and in the UK. 

In the discussion they try and analyse the root causes and look at what can be done to stamp out the abuse.

In part two (35:00) they look back at mental health in sport as several high profile athletes chose to share their own personal struggles around World Mental Health Day, including England Hockey's Suzy Petty.

Finally, in part three (50:56) they look at athletes who excelled in more than one sport after former Chelsea and Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech starred in his ice hockey debut.


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Music: Otis McDonald