Jean De Fougerolles - Poverty Premium Eradication: Investing, Technology, Community & Collaboration

Oct 29, 2019, 09:47 AM
Jean de Fougerolles, founder and managing partner of Ascension Ventures, an early stage VC. In 2018, Jean launched Fair By Design, a Social Impact Fund focused on reducing poverty in the UK.

  • The poverty premium where people in low income pay more than people that are better off. In the UK, 20% of households pay on average £490 more a year for the same services than other people.
  • Fir By Design is supporting new startups or social enterprises trying to make markets fairer by not overcharging low income households
  • The Fair By Design Fund and the Fair By Design Campaign
  • Jean’s story of going full circle from being an economist in a Think Tank in New York to becoming an entrepreneur and then an impact investor.
  • The Fair by Design Roadshow is visiting cities across the UK (Oldham, Bristol, Glasgow) to bring different groups together including credit unions, housing associations, local government and local press.
  • Fair by Design is very interested in all areas of social impact where poverty premium lurks including food, poverty, transport, insurance.
  • How to pick the best companies and examples of funded startups including Emergent, Minibems, Switchee, Wage Steam and Incuto
  • Their next project is The Learn Fund, a new fund focused on the future of work
Time stamp:
[01:18] Who is Jean de Fourgerolles?
[03:03] What is impact investing?
[07:31] Payday lending and the consequences of paying the poverty premium
[12:40] Co-investing with Finance Birmingham 
[16:17] Starting in digital media and moving into deeper tech, AI and blockchain
[16:55] Recommendation to someone who is starting an impact fund
[19:43] Switchee
[21:21] Wage Stream
[24:01] Incuto
[27:56] Recommendations for Impact Founders
[28:15] Non-equity investments such as loans to charities and CICs
[31:13] The Learn Fund
[33:03] Picking the best companies and investing 
[35:01] The Fair by Design Roadshow

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