It's ok NOT to be ok!

Episode 37,   Oct 21, 2019, 06:03 AM

It's it OK not to be OK? 😔 ⠀

Take a seat, grab your popcorn 🍿 and get comfortable because things are about to get a little heated in this week’s episode of Dorothy and the Dealer Podcast. 🔥 ⠀

In this episode, Mitch and Mills deliberate the difference between allowing yourself space to “feel the feels” ❤ and turning not being ok into a temperament and way of life.⠀

The guys discuss the importance of having an exit plan with proven systems and strategies to get you out of your funk, how to look for gifts in those low moments and how our childhood and upbringing has had a direct effect on our ability to deal with not being ok. 🧒🏽⠀