Live session with Milton Hide. 30th September 2019

Oct 21, 2019, 09:57 AM
Fantastic catch up with the super talented Josie & Jimbo from Milton Hide. Conversation flowed effortlessly from chatting about that jingle, their new unintentional but well intended new single "Say it all the time", produced by "nice tine" John of charming Dandelion Charm fame, with video shot by Alex "Oat Milk Sessions" Thomas. Also talked about raisingg funds for CALM charity, performing sans cappo, sans cajon, but avec snakeskin suitcase & chocolate cake, social media, kindles versus books, Andy Melrose, Ypres Castle in Rye, swapping art for funds to record new album, vets versus dentists, Rose & Wally & egg banjoes.
Live tracks played were :

1) Forgetting to live

2) Temperatures Rising

3) I'd dance for you for tuppence

4) Say it all the time

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