Mental Health, Healing and advocacy with Brandie Carlos. Founder of LatinX therapy

Oct 25, 2019, 03:30 PM
Brandie Carlos is the founder of Therapy for LatinX. A database of resources, practitioners, and Latinx who share their stories of mental health, healing, and advocacy. The pain of the loss of a close friend led Brandie to seek therapy. However, she couldn't find a website for the LatinX community so she decided to build her own!  Brandie has had an entrepreneur spirit even as a little girl who she credits her grandma for. Listen in as Brandie talks to us about her side hustles while working at Starbucks, taking over the bills at home while taking her of her little brother as a Senior in high school. And how all these skill sets have led to the growth and success of Therapy For Latinx.

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