Episode 14 | In conversation with Muzaffar Raina | All detained have to sign a new bond asking them to remain quiet about whats happening in Kashmir

Episode 14,   Oct 23, 2019, 02:30 AM

Episode 14
80th day of communication blockade since August 5, postpaid mobile services restored, internet and prepaid mobile services still down

Since the 5th of August, the number of people arrested in Kashmir remains a mystery. The government has refused to put a number to it but Khurram Pervez of Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society has put the number of arrests during this 80 days clampdown at 5000 to 6000. Many of those detained or arrested have been eventually released but before they are released, they are being asked to sign a new bond, a first of its kind. Muzaffar Raina, a journalist with the Telegraph published a story on this on the 20th, where he shared copies of this new bond. In addition to this bond, he also mentions that the Police is forcing people to sign a 'community bond', wherein more than 20 people are made to sign as sureties to secure the release of one person. He cites the case of a 9 year old minor in whose case the same was followed, after the minor was kept in custody for two days.

This bond in question calls upon those detained to “not make any comment(s) or issue statement(s) or make public speech(s) hold or participate in public assembly(s) related to recent events in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, at the present time, since it has the potential of endangering the peace and tranquillity and law and order in the state or any part thereof for a period of one year.” Many politicians who were under preventive detention were released after they signed this bond. A copy of this bond states that it executed under Section 107 read with Section 117.

In todays episode, we will discuss the particulars and legalities of this peculiar new bond, being called unconstitutional by many, with Muzaffar Raina.