First Steps To Sustainability

Oct 24, 2019, 11:00 PM

Tshirt to Tote Bag Workshops - 2,700 Litres of water for cotton for 1 tshirt = 3 years of drinking water 

John Hardy - green school - sustainable practices 

Join a community space - feel connected 
Zero Waste - Minimal Waste 
3 areas in your life to make a difference - cutlery - water bottles..No need to buy new 
Value Added Gap - Katie Patrick 
Drive positive behaviour change to take action -
Small changes & Collective Action  

Zero Waste Movement - Bea Johnson - Lauren Singer

- Plastic Free Kinsale

- Extinction Rebellion
- Young Friends of the earth 
- Not Here Not Anywhere 
Individual Solutions - Project Drawdown 
Top 5 Things:
1. Manage refrigeration chemicals  -Individual and industry level (so no fridge burning)
2. Install onshore wind turbines - industry levels
3. Cut down on food waste - individual level * Episode 
4. Eat more plants and less meat - individual level
5. Restore tropical Forests - POLICY MAKERS

Pat Top Tips:
1.Think Twice - ASK Questions:
 -Do you really need it? Rethink you behaviour
- How and Where was it made - think local think regenerative
2. Bring Your Own : Did you know that 40% daily carbon footprint comes from our daily choices so why not bring your own items to make small changes together. 
3.Bathroom Routine - Mix it up -use natural products - Start with what you already own and make a small switch try a bar of soap.
4. Think LOCAL 

Marie Condo - Look at your daily life - tackle one room at a time 

Not about one person doing it perfectly, it’s millions of people doing it imperfectly
Anne-Marie  Bonneau

Greta Thunberg - Activism comes in many forms - step in the right direction -
Share on whatsapp - Try and have those difficult conversations with people who you know are not aware of their environmental impacts. 

Shop less - shop second hand

Tshirt 2,700 Litres = 3 years of your drinking water! 

Second hand depop online resources - Ebay with tags on - Renting clothes Platforms

Sustainable Fashion Dublin - Workshops - Swap Shops
SWAPSIES - Platform - Online Resource Hub 
Fashion Revolution Ireland 

Stop Food Waste

120K per year per person @ x cups / day 


Book Recommendations: 
Let my people go surfing Yvonne Chonard 

Climate Justice - Mary Robinson 
- Stories of women all over of world

Lorna Golde - Climate Generation 
‘Feel empowered. And if you start to do it, if you start to feel your voice heard, you will never go back.’