Strictly Come VAR

Oct 24, 2019, 03:38 PM

Kait Borsay, Vicki Sparks & Robyn Cowen are in the studio for this week's look at the world of football.

Topic 1 - VAR at it again: It was another weekend to forget for the Video Assistant Referee - but can we help the PGMOL with mission impossible? (02:55)

Topic 2- Missing persons investigation: What on earth has happened to Mesut Özil - and who are the other players that are gone without a trace? (17:15)

Topic 3 - Manchester City's influencer faux pas: For better or worse, how can clubs engage with fans? (25:30)

AOB - The magic of the FA Cup, 4,500 days booking free & a new brand new commentary duo (34:05)