BONUS BIT: Ian Dunt guests on On The House

Oct 25, 2019, 04:44 PM

Need a bit more Dunt for your Friday? Britain’s sweariest pundit is the special guest on this week’s edition of our companion podcast On The House, where Lib Dem MPs and Tory escapees Sam Gyimah and Phillip Lee convene over a pint to try and work out what the hell has gone on in their workplace this time.

Here’s a tiny excerpt. You can listen to the full rare Dunt away fixture on…


Have a listen to get Ian’s take on this week’s razor’s edge votes in the Commons… the allegiances and self-deceptions that will shape the next phase of the Brexit saga… why Macron is playing bad domestic politics at home in France as well as having a terrible Brexit… plus Sam and Phillip’s insider tales of exactly what goes down in the House when it’s crisis time like it is now. And if you listen to the end you’ll hear Ian trying to turn two Members of Parliament on to reading comics.

We record in the Feathers pub in Westminster so expect an atmosphere of crowd and urgency. On The House comes out every Friday and you can subscribe on your favourite podcast app. We hope you enjoy it.