Interview with The Twang's Phil Etheridge (Series 2, Episode 6)

Oct 28, 2019, 12:30 PM
In this episode Sarah sits down for an interview with The Twang frontman Phil Etheridge as the Birmingham band prepare to release their new album 'If Confronted Just Go Mad'. Given the Brummie baggy rockers have racked up 15 years in the music scene, there's plenty of ground to go over and Phil pulls no punches.

Heralded as the best new band in Britain by the NME when they emerged in 2007, The Twang hit the upper echelons of the albums chart with their debut album and sold out huge tours. But almost as quickly as they hit the heights they came crashing down when they were dropped by their label after releasing a second album and were written off by the music press. Phil talks us through it all - the interband splits, why they're still releasing music 12 years on and how a gammon steak played a part in them getting dropped by their label. It's all well worth a listen.

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