This Mum Is... Positive - with Gemma Atkinson, Nikki Bailey and Katy Brown

Episode 7,  Nov 13, 2019, 12:01 AM

Whether you've got a new baby or a few little ones being a mother is no easy feat, so we have gathered some wonderfully positive people offering you real meaningful advice.

Host Kate cocker meets Gemma Atkinson a Hits Radio presenter at the This Mum Is live event in Manchester. She talks to Kate about the new experiences and lessons that motherhood has taught her in her first 8 months with baby Mia. And she tells us how she positively deals with attention and comments that she has received on social media now she is a mum and hear as she shares her advice for coping.

Hear from Nikki Bailey who is the founder of Dance Like Mother an innovative dance class focusing more on mum and less on baby, allowing the women who attend to really let go and be themselves, connecting with each other in a way that often doesn’t happen for new mums. Nicky also has some great advice on finding balance and joy in day to day life.

Katy Brown from The Vibrancy Hub, Katy is a wellness coach and on this episode gives you some wonderful advice on achievable mindfulness for mums who may not get the chance to sit and meditate, let's be honest with a baby time to do so is a rarity. 

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