Including Indigenous knowledge in debates about water and land use

Nov 02, 2019, 12:43 AM
Large parts of eastern Australia remain in drought, which continues to devastate many rural communities. It seems that more and more often, the country is facing water scarcity.

Climate change is likely to mean that we will face increased levels of dryness in future, which will impact on those who make a living on the land, as well as everyone else relying on it for food and fibre.

Australia's first peoples have lived on this land for thousands of years. But how successfully are we integrating their knowledge into mainstream approaches to farming?

Bruce Pascoe, farmer with Bunurong, Yuin and Tasmanian heritage and author, Dark Emu
Bradley Moggridge, Kamilaroi water scientist and PhD candidate at the University of Canberra

ABC RN 'Life Matters'  30 October 2019