Tuesday, November 5: Election Day with Street Pete, Ashley's Haunted House Fail, Jake the Snake Roberts

Nov 05, 2019, 06:21 PM

Chaz and AJ talk to Street Pete as the polls open in East Haven, but he didn't quite seem to grasp what was expected of him. (0:00) 

Ashley doesn't do well in a haunted house, and the audio syncs up perfectly with a song. (11:55) 

Why having a living will is so important, according to a horror story shared by probate judge Lisa Wexler. (22:37) 

A recap of Street Pete numerous screw-ups throughout Election Day. (39:26) 

A montage of all of Ashley's screams from the haunted house. (43:20) 

Jake the Snake Roberts talks about the Macho Man, his infamous blind-folded match, and the time Earthquake squashed his snake. (46:35)